You have landed upon the website of illustrator, viking and root beer enthusiast Ingvard the Terrible! Kings tremble at the mention of his name; nations flee at the sight of him;  art directors and editors claw over each other to obtain his illustration and design services. You’ll fall upon your own sword at how unworthy you are to behold his portfolio. You’ll say to yourself, “Odin’s beard—I have to hire him for my next project!”

Okay, that much is probably obvious. I mean, it says “illustrator” in the header. So yeah, illustration is pretty much my wheelhouse. But I do other stuff, too, you know. Such as . . .

And have I mentioned my mad Photoshop skillz? Yeah, I'm pretty much the LeBron James of taking photos of stuff and making them look like photos of other stuff. Wheel. House.

In fact, I've spent a good chunk of my  career doing just about as much graphic design as illustration. Everything from logos to websites. All that. So it's kinda in my wheelhouse as well.

Websites? Check. Digital or traditional games? You betcha. Tablet apps? Hell-to-the-yeah, good buddy. It's all conveniently located in that wheelhouse thingy. Whatever that is.

Oh, and typography. LOVE typography. Almost as much as pillaging or root beer. Sooo, let's just stick that in my wheelhouse, too. Gettin’ pretty crowded in there, amiright??

No seriously — what in the name of Odin's One Good Eye IS a “wheelhouse” anyway? Is it literally, like, a building you keep wheels in? Does anyone actually own a special structure set aside for the express purpose of storing wheels? And what does that have to do with someone's personal skill set? Expressions are so random. And yet we just except them, you know? We just sprinkle them into everyday conversation like it's no big deal, but come ON. I might as well say, “Penguin breeding? Yeah, that's totally in my underwear drawer.” Makes about as much sense. Sorry, got sidetracked. Uhh, where was I? Oh yeah. I really like drawing stuff. And root beer.